A Beginners Guide to Masonry

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Masonry is a long-standing craft that is utilized for a variety of construction projects. It can be used by home builders and concrete patio builders alike. This video will explain what masonry is and how it’s used to construct things.

When a structure is built with brick, stones, and concrete blocks, this is masonry. The blocks are healed together with a paste known as mortar. This paste acts as a glue that holds the stones in place.

The person who builds with brick and mortar is known as a mason. Most buildings around us utilize masonry in some way. From single-family homes to skyscrapers in large cities, masonry or the principles of masonry can be found in their construction.

Masonry is likely as old as agriculture and has grown into a complex industry that utilizes increasingly advanced tools. The methods and knowledge behind masonry will only continue to grow as we build more and more.

Increasing population growth means that masonry will continue to be used in abundance. More people need homes to live in than ever before. These people also need infrastructure around them, which is also built using masonry principles.

For more information on masonry, check out the video in the link above.

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