The Most Common Forklift Repairs

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Forklifts handle a lot of workloads day in and day out. It’s important to expect to regularly use a forklift repair service to maintain working forklifts. This video shows the most common parts that need to be replaced to keep a forklift running.

Just like a car or truck, a forklift needs regular maintenance to keep your operators safe and maintain consistent production. For some parts, it isn’t a question of if they will need to be replaced, but when.

The power steering hoses and rubber parts of the forklift need to be replaced every two years or four thousand working hours. The rubber parts include the reservoir tank hose, the wheel cylinder, the master cylinder, and the hydraulic hose. A failure to replace these parts will lead to operational failure.

The lift chain also needs to be regularly maintained. Make sure to regularly inspect the chain for elongation and sagging. After six thousand working hours or three years, the lift chain needs to be replaced.

It’s important to schedule regular maintenance checks to increase the longevity and performance of a forklift. Trained forklift mechanics can spot early signs of degradation and prevent costly repairs later on down the line.

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