Should You Get Blue Light or Computer Glasses?

Many people find their eyes to be strained after a day working at the computer. While this is partially due to fatigue, eye doctors may tell you that much of this strain can be avoided. Two common products to mitigate this eye strain are computer glass and blue light glasses.

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In this video, you will learn what these glasses do and what the difference is the difference between the two.

Computer glasses are beneficial because they magnify your computer screen to reduce eye strain. They are perfect for objects about 24 inches away. In this way, they are similar to reading glasses. However, reading glasses are meant for even closer vision. On the other hand, blue light glasses filter out blue light that is emitted from your computer screen. This blue light is one of the main contributors to eye strain. Further, it can slow down your production melatonin which may make it harder to fall asleep at night. You don’t have to choose between either computer or blue light glasses. Most eye doctors will tell you to get computer glasses with blue light filtering. This will do the most for reducing eye strain. It is also important to take a short 15 minutes break every hour to switch to using your far-vision.


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