How They Stay Warm in One of the Coldest Places on Earth

Yakutia is one of the coldest places in the world. It can easily get down to -47 degrees Fahrenheit. How do they stay warm in a place so cold? In this video, you will learn how they heat their house.

First, it starts with insulation. The house is made out of Siberian Larch.

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They use Oakum tow between the logs to keep the cold air out. The birds will sometimes grab some of this insulation for their nests, so some of it has to be replaced each year. Sometimes snow is also added for additional insulation. The inside of the house is heated by gas. They use approximately 1200 cubit meters of gas each month during the winter. Radiators are on each floor and heat up the house. A water heater is also likely used to heat up water. Inside the house, it is very comfortable. Ironically, they have a fridge in doors even though it is even colder outside. This is for the convenience of not having to step outside. Even if you don’t live in Yakutia, heating is still important for your house.


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