Whats the Most Dangerous Job Ever?

From window-washers, to roofing professionals, to nuclear power plant operators, the world is full of dangerous jobs. Almost any job can be dangerous when you think hard about it. Electricians risk live wires, retail workers face violent robbery, and government workers face threats of attack.

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There is risk in every job, but which one is the most dangerous by default? This video details 10 jobs that even thrill-seekers should be very careful in.

Some of the proven most dangerous jobs are the ones you would never even begin to think about. For example, underwater welders face a whole plethora of dangers doing their everyday work. They need to be so precise and perfect with their tools as to prevent accidents. Loggers work with trees that could crush them in an instant. Again, precision is involved in making sure a tree falls exactly how the logger wants, not to mention the tons of sharp saws and blades required to turn logs into usable wood. Bull Riding is one of the most dangerous professions of all time. Bulls are truly unpredictable. Whenever you think your job is too much, remember those in these fields!


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