How To Install Shutters

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Shutter installation is a good way to control lighting and privacy for your home. This video will describe how to install interior shutters.

You will need the shutter frame, the panels, corner keys, pins, corner braces, screws, and other hardware that was included with the shutter. Lay the sections of the frame with the hinges facing the floor.

Line up the frame on the floor, but inversed left to right. The frame parts should be marked with where they go on the shutters. Apply the corner keys and corner braces with screws.

Place the frame into the window and screw it into the wall. Aline the panels to the frame and use your pins to secure them together. Make sure everything is level. Then insert the rest of the screws.

Test your panels to make sure they close. Adjust the frame as necessary. You may need to loosen the screws to do this. Once everything is opening and closing smoothly, you can screw in all of the screws 100%.

Stick to the instructions and measure everything twice. Installing your own shutters should be easy, but adding a helping pair of hands always makes it easier. For more information on shutter installation, click on the link to the video above.

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