Tools that a Residential Electrician Uses

This video talks about various tools that a residential electrician would use. A hammer is one of the most vastly used items, and it’s a must for a residential electrician to have one of those. Another tool a residential electrician needs to have is a channel lock.

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A screwdriver is also necessary, as well as Lyman’s pliers. Lyman’s pliers are excellent for cutting the wires and cables necessary for certain projects. They can cut the sheathing off of wires as well. The person will also need a good pair of needle-nose pliers to handle some very tough challenges. Another item that this person will need is a nice, sharp blade for various tasks.

A new electrician needs to gather all of those tools to have by his or her side for new jobs. Having those tools will make the work projects go by much faster, as the individual won’t have to scramble to find them. They’ll all be available in the little toolbox and ready for all the individual’s projects. Discount tools can be located in a variety of places, and the individual can purchase them new or used if necessary. The job can be quite fruitful with the proper tools available.

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