Tips to Follow For a Safe Chicken Coop

If you are someone who is currently raising chickens, having a safe chicken coop is a must. Now when it comes to having your own chickens, you should invest most of your money into the chicken coop itself.


The main thing you are wanting to ensure in your chicken coop is that it is safe and can protect the chicken from predators. Too many times chickens are not protected in their coops and that is the easiest way to have predators invade and kill your chickens.

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Many people try to use what’s known as “chicken wire”, and while it can keep the chickens in the coop. It’s actually extremely easy for predators to get through the chicken wire and get into the chicken coop. This unknown mistake is one that many new beginners make and learn the hard way.

Hardware cloth

Hardware cloth are little squares that the raccoons or other predators can’t fit their hands into. By not being able to fit their hands into these squares, it protects them from reaching in and grabbing a chicken.


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