How Proper Nutritional Care Can Help Your Aging

The video discusses some of the elements of excellent nutritional care and how people need certain minerals and vitamins that their bodies don’t naturally make on their own. Ensuring that people get all of those nutrients is one of the leading ways to combat aging.

People must get something from each food group mentioned in the video to function healthily. Carbohydrates are required for energy.

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Fats are essential for development and growth, and they also supply people with a high amount of energy. Furthermore, they assist with hormone production and immune system development.

Protein is vital because it is responsible for building tissues and lean muscles. There are also 13 essential vitamins that people need to have every day. Those vitamins include niacin, thiamin, D, folate, biotin, B6, B12, riboflavin, K, C, E, A, and pantothenic acid.

It’s always most effective for people to get the vitamins and minerals they need by eating foods. However, supplements are available if consuming the items in meals isn’t possible.

The video gives helpful information to people who want to improve their overall health. Watching it will add insight and health education to the viewers’ knowledge base.

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