How Upright Headstones Are Installed

While death and cemeteries aren’t typically topics of conversation, it can be interesting to know how different tasks in a cemetery are completed. For example, you might find the installation of upright headstones to be very interesting. After all, they’re large and heavy pieces of stone.

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It’s not easy to move them over uneven terrain like grass. It’s even more difficult to set the upright into a permanent position.

Upright headstones need to survive throughout the harshest weather, strongest winds, and even floods. No one wants to go to the cemetery to pick up the headstones of their loved ones every time there’s a storm. To prevent this, headstones need to have a deep and solid foundation. The installer needs to dig a three-foot hole to ensure that it’s secure.

The concrete that holds the headstone in place actually gets mixed in the ground. It can take ten or more bags of concrete, depending on the size of the headstone. Once the headstone is installed, it needs to be sealed. The seal that is used varies, but its purpose is to secure the headstone to the foundation. This is not an easy task, but it’s a necessary one.


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