Common Roof Problems that Means You Need a New Roof

One of the most important parts of your house is the roof. It protects you from the elements outside. But, if your roof starts to break down, it could mean that you will need to replace it. Roof repairs and replacements are some of the largest costs a homeowner will have to spend. Luckily, roofs last for over ten years.

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This video shows some of the common issues roofs have that might mean you need to buy a new roof.

The granules on the roof shingles don’t just make the roof look sleek, but it also has an important use. These little grains protect the asphalt shingles from the sun and other elements, but these granules will always shed. This means once the granules are gone, it is time to replace the shingles.

Potential leaking areas are also signs that your roof is wearing down. Sometimes it could be from wind or just old age, but it is better to catch the leaks early so they don’t cause substantial damage later.

This video has a lot of good information about common problems you might see in a roof. Make sure to call professionals to look at the roof because they know what they are doing.


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