Understanding Rotating Equipment

When working in an industry, it is important to understand the process. For the oil and gas industries, this could mean understanding the different equipment used to move and process different materials. Rotating equipment, for example, is one set of machinery that allows people in the oil and gas fields that allows them to understand the processing.

Rotating equipment refers to the mechanical components that you motion, also known as kinetic energy, to move fluids, gas, and other process materials.

Within the rotating equipment category, there are a few subcategories that describe home exactly the fluids or gases are moved around. One such example of this is the pump.

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Pumps can be classified by the method they move fluid as well.

A compressor is a device that can increase the pleasure of a gas by reducing the available volume.

The turbine is another form of rotating equipment that describes the combustion engine that converts natural gas or other liquid fuels into mechanical energy. The energy is used to drive a generator which in turn produces electrical energy. These machines are the heart of any plant that produces energy.

For any additional information on rotating equipment, please review the attached video.


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