Make Your Own Custom Length Power Cables

If you can’t find a power cable of the right length, it may be time to get creative and customize one yourself. Here’s how you can make your own custom length power cables at home.

To begin, you’ll need a double-lock cable. You should be able to find one at your local hardware store.

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You’ll also need a terminal end, some solder, and a torch. After trimming the cable to your desired length, put a few pieces of solder in a vice. You don’t want to put too much solder in, or it will spill. Filling the vise halfway is sufficient.

Then, heat the solder with a torch. Once it has melted into a liquid state, remove the torch, put the battery cable in the vise, and turn off the gas. After giving the solder some time to cool down, move the heat shrink tube up to the top of the wire and heat it with the torch. This will provide the wire with better electrical protection in addition to looking aesthetically pleasing.

Adjusting the length of a power cable is fairly simple if you have the right equipment. Just be sure to practice proper safety during every step of the process.


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