Understanding Direct Mail Advertising

How can direct mail advertising help your business? How do you set up your campaign? Do you know where to start? Direct mail advertising can be a very powerful tool in your marketing kit. This video will provide you with everything that you need to know about this type of advertising.

Learn the difference between the different types of mail campaigns and why they are such valuable tools for marketing. EDDM is an acronym for every door direct mail, it is a broader approach to mail marketing.

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EDDM sends mailers to every address in a specific zip code. The video evaluates why EDDM may not be the best choice to reach your customer base.

Direct mail focuses on directly reaching out to customers that you already have. Direct mail is a more direct approach to reaching your existing customers. It provides a more personal approach. The first thing you will need is addresses for your customers. You will also need a service to help you to design your advertising pieces.

You will find tips here that any business owner can apply to their own mail campaign. You can take advantage of direct mail by watching this video. If you’re interested in learning more, it’s a good idea to search online.


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