Car Crash Tests Are Stuck in the Past

Car crashes happen all the time. Most of them are only minor accidents and leave small dents. This is why automobile insurance is crucial. You never know when an accident will happen.

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However, sometimes these unforeseen accidents can be major. Thankfully, most modern cars are designed to keep the driver and passengers safe. You can simply look at the safety rating to get an idea of how safe any vehicle is. However, is this number really truly representative of the actual safety a car offers? In this video, you will find out why crash tests may not be as accurate as we think.

The current crash tests are rooted in the past. They are simple and result in a singular easy to read number from one to five. However, this oversimplifies the whole situation. Dummies are used in controlled environments to test different types of car crashes. They see how each crash affects the legs, chest, and head of crash dummies. However, they don’t test for the affect of different cars on pedestrians or other drivers. For example, an SUV will do a lot more damage to another car in a collision than will a small car. However, SUVs tend to be much safer for the driver of the SUV.


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