Is Roofing Dangerous?

Roofing is a common profession. There are millions of houses in the United States. This means that there are millions of roofs that may need to be repaired at some point or another.

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This makes up a huge industry. However, just how dangerous is it to be a roofer? Why do we often leave it up to trained roofing professionals? In this video, you will get an idea of just how dangerous it can get up on top of the world.

The first point that comes up in the video is the steep incline of some roofs. One of the clips displays a roof that has a rather sharp incline. As you can imagine, this is a dangerous roof to work on. It would be so easy to simply lose your balance and roll over the side. Fortunately, these professionals have developed techniques to deal with these harsh roofs. For example, they may use a system of ladders on the roof itself. Further, they may have harnesses to keep from falling very far. Some roofers also have special shoes with extra grip and traction. While roofing is dangerous for your typical person, roofers are trained professionals.


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