Gate Repair 101

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when picking out a new gate is the upkeep. Gates do not last forever, and often need cleanings, plank replacements, and various other repairs. Any gate-owner knows that these problems often need to be taken care of sooner than later, to prevent more structural issues with the entire entrance. Equipped with measurements, inspiration, and several gate supplies, you can repair your gate quick and easily! This video provides a walk-through of gate repairs and what you will need to complete your next gating project.

In this example, the gate in question is made of both wood and bamboo, and sports a unique design. Despite the complicated design of the gate, this owner looks to repair it to it’s exact design with several tools that you probably already have in your home! A screwdriver, nails, and a hammer are a few common gate supplies that also work for any construction project.

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Additionally, you may need an extension cord so that your drill can be powered way out in your yard. Thus, it is crucial that you pick a day with fair weather to pursue your next gate fix.


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