A Guide to Long Distance Moving

This YouTube video from Nexus Auto Transport provides a guide to long-distance moving.

Why People Are Moving

Today, many people are relocating across the country because they need a break. The pandemic and an increase in real estate prices have caused them to rethink their lives. For many, they wish to move to a less-populated area.


The cost of moving depends on the items you need to move and where you’re going. For instance, the relocation of furniture and household domestics for a one-bedroom apartment is approximately $1,000.

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On the other hand, moving the contents of a five-bedroom home could be $10,000.

This is if you’re moving across the state or country. In-town or close relocations can cost far less. This is especially the case if you do most of it on your own. For a better estimate, locate an online moving cost calculator.

When to Move

Most relocations take place between Mid-May and August, which coincides with the summer break for schools. Since this is a peak time to move the costs to do so are higher. However, if you use a long distance moving service mid-week instead of over a weekend, you could save some money.

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