Should You Store Your Boat Inside or Outside?

If you are looking into the best way to use boat storage tactics, you should consider whether outside or inside storage would be best for you. When it comes to boat storage, you want to consider the most effective ways to keep your boat in great condition. If you are storing your boat outside, you should consider some things you could run into, like the material you are wrapping your boat in.

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Getting a little bit of mold or mildew in your boat is possible if the storage you are using isn’t shrink wrap or tightly sealed away in a storage unit. If your boat is stored inside, you can potentially save on price of storage, because the shrink wrap used for outdoor storage costs a little more money, as we try to reduce our plastic use footprint. Corrosion levels can result from high moisture levels and the sun can fade the material if not properly covered. Outdoor storage and indoor boat storage can potentially have critters crawl up in the boat, however indoor storage may reduce the risk of that happening.

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