What to Know About CO2 Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression equipment is critical safety gear in homes, businesses, ships, and just about everywhere people are. Of course, any fire suppression systems are only as good as the people who use them understand how they work. Fortunately, people like Koorsen Fire & Security are eager to help. They have put together this informative presentation on CO2 fire suppression systems.

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You will find it is a great place to start learning the basics about fire suppression, which everyone should know. In the video, Chris White, a Corporate Fire Suppression Instructor, explains what CO2 fire suppression is, and how it works.

CO2 Fire Suppression

As Chris explains, all CO2-powered fire safety systems function the same way. There are both high and low-pressure CO2 systems. But they both use compressed air to propel fire suppressant chemicals or substances out of a canister and out of a nozzle, where it can be directed as needed according to the location and nature of the fire.

It should be said that most fire suppression systems do come with safety issues of their own. The chemicals propelled and the CO2 itself can create a hazard to people and equipment.

Watch the video above to learn more.


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