Should You Switch to Grain-Free Dog Food?

When you own a dog, you want to know that what you are feeding them is the best food possible. There are a lot of dog foods on the market that are simply not up to the task of keeping a dog in optimal health. Many people switch to holistic grain-free dog food in order to give their dogs more nutrition and help them avoid ingredients that could harm them.

Grains in dog foods are often used simply because they are cheap fillers. They have little nutrition in them, and dogs don’t need grains to be healthy.

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What they need a lot of is meat. Meat is high in protein, and it has the many amino acids that dogs need in order to be healthy. With grain-free dog food, the dog will get mostly meat instead of mostly fillers. This means higher protein and better health.

If a dog has suffered from allergies, including itchy, red rashes, this can often be caused by a grain allergy. Many owners switch their dogs to grain-free dog foods to help them to get over their allergic reactions. This can help them to be healthier and happier and to feel much better overall.


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