Ultimate Guide to a Wet Fire Sprinkler System

You’ve probably seen a fire sprinkler system in your workplace, but you might not know every single aspect of it. You probably don’t know what all of the knobs and different buttons do on the system. In this video, an expert will go over the entirety of a wet fire sprinkler system in this fire sprinkler design training video.

There are many different valves and alarm systems on a fire sprinkler system to ensure the building and everyone inside it is safe at all times. There are many parts of the system that are used for backup.

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For example, there is a component of the fire sprinkler system in the video that is used when a sprinkler head breaks in the building. If a sprinkler head breaks, water will fill up in the tub and the alarm will be triggered. There are many safety components of any kind of fire sprinkler system that you may see. With so many parts, you should make sure the fire alarm system in your company’s building is routinely maintained and inspected.

Watch this entire video to learn all about the different parts of a wet fire sprinkler system.


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