This New Minecraft Mod Adds Ducks!

The amazing thing about Minecraft is that it is ever-expanding. Update 1.19 is almost here and it will be bringing swamps and frogs to Minecraft. However, if you have Java Minecraft, you don’t have to start there. Thanks to mod authors, there are always new things being added to Minecraft.

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All you need some dedicated modded Minecraft server hosting. In this video, you will learn about some of the newest Minecraft mods out there.

The first mod showcased in the video is simply called Duckling. It adds two types of ducks. These are the Mallard and White Duck. They can be found in river biomes and are sure to liven up your world. Now, you can have ducks to go along with your frogs. However, there is a secret third mob as well. In fact, this mysterious third mob also dwells within the swamps. It is known as the Quackling and is a large yellow duck. It may look threatening at first with its large box-shaped body. However, the player can actually right click and trade with the Quackling like they would with villagers. If you want to learn more, please watch the video.


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