What is a UH-60 Blackhawk?

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The UH-60 Blackhawk is the workhorse helicopter for the US military services. The two-engine, four-bladed helicopter has been used for decades and is still reliable. This article will give a general overview of the Blackhawk, its capabilities, uses, and history.

The main mission of the Blackhawk is to be a troop carrier and provide logistical support for military operations. It is also used for medical evacuations and search-and-rescue missions. It can be configured to do much more, too.

Other than the US, the Blackhawk is used as the main utility helicopter for many other countries, including Australia, Brunei, Chile, and Israel. Clearly, its ability in the field is proven across many different locations.

The helicopter is long and has a low profile. It is transported by a Hercules aircraft with minimal disassembly. It can carry 11 troops with equipment, meaning it is great for the tactical transport of troops.

The helicopter is outfitted with advanced avionics and other technologies to put it head and shoulders above the competition. It is operated by a crew of four: two pilots and two crew chiefs, or gunners. It can go long distances without refueling.

For more information on the UH-60 Blackhawk, check out the video in the link above.

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