What Happens During a Case With a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney?

A federal criminal defense attorney is like any other criminal defense attorney, specializing in federal cases. While the difference might seem minor, it is quite significant due to the nature of federal cases. To start with, they tend to run faster and on tighter timelines.

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Federal cases also have different and usually rigid structures for evidence discovery, sentencing, and plea deals. In addition, agencies investigating criminal cases have bigger budgets, more resources, and more experienced investigators.

Federal criminal defense attorneys are a crucial part of the justice system — where federal criminal charges or investigations are involved. They are experienced in the procedures of federal investigations and cases. They are also familiar with tactics used by federal investigators and can offer the best defense against an accused or a person of interest in a federal case.

Federal criminal charges are pretty serious and can have significant fines and/or prison time. It is therefore vital to have an experienced federal criminal defense attorney offering counsel during such cases.

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