You can Unclog Your Drain in a Few Simple Steps

A plumber will tell you that there are many things that can cause a drain to become plugged. Soap, leftover food, and hair are just a few of these things. To prevent drain from clogging, you will want to avoid washing hair, oil, grease, and leftover food down the drain.

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These items can get stuck and cause a blockage. Further, consider adding a drain stopper to your sink to catch little bits of food. This small change may save you a big hassle in the future. However, if your drain is already plugged, you need a quick way to fix it. In this video, you will learn about several of the most effective methods to unplug a drain without using toxic chemicals.

A popular drain clogging formula involves baking soda and salt. They should be mixed in an equal ratio before pouring it down the sink. This mixture will create a chemical reaction that will help clean out the drain. Once you are done, make sure to turn the faucet on hot and let it run for a few minutes. This will wash everything down the drain.


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