Understanding Well Drilling

The use of wells as a source of water has been becoming more popular over the years. Many different types of people prefer to get their water from wells instead of as a service from the city in which they live. If you are also thinking about having a well installed on your property, you will need to understand how water well drilling services work in order to decide if it is right for you. In this video, you will learn everything you need to know about the well drilling process.

Video Source

The video will explain how deep down into the ground the drill will need to go in order to reach a substantial amount of water. At the very bottom is the bedrock, and above that is overburden which consists of clay, sand, gravel, and boulders. It does contain water, but the greater water is at the bedrock level. Most of the drilling will use a rotary drilling machine, which is very large. It uses diesel and hydraulic power to fracture the ground it is drilling into.


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