Introduction to Natural Gas and Propane

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Natural gas is used to fuel many homes in the US, usually in the form of propane. This video explains what natural gas is and how it makes its way from the ground, to residential propane services, and into a home.

Like fossil fuels, natural gas is formed by decomposed fossils from years ago. The fossils are converted into gas after being buried under sediment and pressure is applied. Natural gas is found in reservoirs below the water.

There is dry and wet gas. Dry gas is just methane, and wet gas contains ethane, butane, and other compounds. This natural gas can be separated into propane, ethane, butane, and pentane. It is then sold for various uses including refrigerant and fuel.

Gas is extracted by drills and wells. Sometimes it is extracted with oil and labeled as associated gas. Gathering lines transport the natural gas from the extraction site to processing plants that create pipeline-quality dry natural gas.

Gas is then distributed to feeder sites that hold the gas until it needs to be used. In some cases, gas is liquified for shipment across oceans. It’s used for heat and electricity primarily.

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