How to Bid on Tree Work

In this video, you will learn about tree removal. This video goes through the steps of how to bid on a tree removal job. The first tip, be specific! The homeowner should be able to look at your bid sheet and know exactly what you are going to do.

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Next, put an expiration date on your job. You bid it for a certain amount of money, but then the tree is dying. You can’t do it for that price. So, it is important to put a 30-day expiration date. No one can tell you how much you can charge to do your tree work. If you are doing a lot of heavy tree work, you can charge more. There are so many different ways to charge for tree work. It all depends on how you work. You can do emergency jobs, but you should tell the customer that it will cost. How do you determine what to charge? There is a way to come up with a price for your environment. The cost of your equipment, trucks, cranes, all of this needs to be factored in. Gas to get from point A to point B needs to also be factored in.

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